Tips From Semalt: How To Safeguard Yourself From Blackmail Trojan Locky

For the past one week, the hostile blackmail trojan Locky has been affecting computers globally. Media reports suggest that in most cases, the virus uses macros present in Microsoft Office document as a channel to finds its way onto the network. The virus works by encrypting all the data on the infected computer. For instance, when a recipient opens a file, for instance, having a counterfeit invoice, Locky encodes all the data stored in the computer. The user is then asked to pay a certain amount of money as a ransom to enable the data to be decrypted. The request appears as a blackmail letter on the screen.

The Customer Success Manager of Semalt, Ivan Konovalov, explains how to protect yourself from blackmail trojan Locky.

Free Retarus E-Mail Security upgrade guarantees optimum safety

Up to date, there is no software present in the market that can provide ultimate protection against such virus attacks. Retarus Email Security is perceived as one of the services that can offer significant desirable levels of security by combining various scanners as well as phishing filters and intelligent spam.

To optimize security against Trojan virus, those who use Retarus E-Mail Security will be allowed to upgrade the security features for free within a period of time.

Be careful on data with embedded macro code

Regardless of the effectiveness of the antivirus software in place, users must remain vigilant. To ensure that you are safe from attacks by Locky, you should ensure that the automatic execution of macro code in office applications are deactivated. Also, they should be careful when running macros.

Over-all attentiveness is needed

Users should adhere to the following:

  • They should only open email attachments from sources that appear to be credible. You should be able to recognize the sender or the procedure detailed in the email. When opening file format such as .xls, .exe, .doc, and .docxm since there are most affected by this virus.
  • Wanting slow responsiveness of the computer, heightened engagement levels of the hard drive in absence of an apparent reason may be a clear indication that Locky encryption is slowly taking shape. You should disconnect the computer from the power source and the network at once with an objective of saving your stored data.
  • Provide a backup for your data on a regular basis to ensure that if a certain fraction of information is affected, it can be easily restored with low risks of data loss. It is also important when backing up your data to be aware that Locky has the capacity to infect external storage devices.
  • Ensure you update your operating system to the latest version. Install all the latest upgrades to your Internet browser, office applications, and operating system. Locky finds its way to your computer through channels that result from software related security gaps.
  • Ensure that all your systems have effective virus scanners. It is also important to ensure that you upgrade these antivirus applications on a frequent basis with an objective of ensuring that they can recognize up to date malware and act accordingly.

Your regional Retarus constant person can give you more information regarding the charge free virus upgrade for Retarus E-Mail Security.

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